What Does it Take for Trump to Wake Up? A Symbol of the Dumbness of the West By Chris Knight

     The Trump story shows the extreme difficulty in getting anything done politically in this present insane Leftist climate. Any financial measures challenging globalism, will be opposed stronger than Trump, so that is what you are fighting against, but most conservatives are in their comfort zone most of their lives.

“President Donald Trump appeared to indicate on Thursday that Attorney General William Barr has more than enough evidence to indict members of the Obama administration for spying on the Trump campaign in 2016, including former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden. What are the details? During a lengthy and wide-ranging interview with Fox News' Maria Bartiromo Thursday morning — in which the headline news was that he would not participate in a virtual debate — the president also dropped the potential bombshell that the Department of Justice has "plenty" of evidence to go after Obama administration officials. "These people should be indicted, this was the greatest political crime in the history of our country, and that includes Obama and it includes Biden," the president said. "These are people that spied on my campaign — and we have everything — and now they say 'we have much more,' and I say, 'Bill, we got plenty, you don't need anymore,'" Trump continued. 

     Barr is deliberately going slow, hoping that Trump will go down in November, since his report which he had plenty of time to prepare, will not be available until after the election, and if Trump loses, never. Queen Karma Harris will bury it. Trump needs to sack Barr now and get the report released. But, being weak, he won’t. What is he doing about open fraud with the mail-in voting, where votes for him are simply being dumped? If this happened to Obama the whole postal vote scam would be shut down.  My hypothesis is that rather than a Russian collusion, the Democrats and the communist Chinese worked together with the Wuhan flu, which commo Jane Fonda called God’s gift to the Left, to shut down and destroy the West, and throw the election against Trump. It makes more sense than the Russia collusion thesis.



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Monday, 27 March 2023

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