What Would Make Conservatives, Conserve? By Charles Taylor

     I do not agree with everything at this site, but there is some good writing, especially attacking neo-liberalism and conservativism, with some quotes of interest to follow, on the weaknesses of conservativism:

“For decades, nationalists have argued about what it will take for the average American conservative to rise up. The answer was when FOX News told him to spread the coronavirus in his community. If nothing else, the coronavirus should settle this question once and for all. Nationalists have never been able to connect with these people because of their orientation toward individualism and materialism and their ideological frame which is liberalism. They simply don’t share our core values and beliefs. Conservatives only have an extremely weak sense of racial or ethnic identity. They have a national identity which is based on liberalism. Their whole belief system is built upon an edifice of individualism and selfishness. Why is the Coronavirus Tea Party springing up around the country now, but not before? It is because conservatives and libertarians have been personally impacted by the virus. As recently as February, conservatives weren’t rising up in the streets. Over the past twenty years, countless black-on-white crimes have occurred … and they slept. Tens of millions of illegal aliens have poured into the country … and they slept. American culture has gone in the toilet … and they slept. … Confederate monuments were torn down all over the South … and they slept. Trump betrayed all his campaign promises except for the tax cuts and the stock market boom … and they slept. They lack a conception of the common good. …

I don’t support the Coronavirus Tea Party because the protests aren’t about the common good of the nation. These protests are solely about individual grievances. I’m literally dying here because I am locked up in my house. I’ve lost my job. My rights have been violated by a tyrannical government. Ultimately, it all zeroes back to liberalism and Number One, which is why we know nothing will come of these protests like the previous Tea Party. Once the pandemic fades, the economy revives, the stock market goes up, the stay-at-home orders are suspended, it will be back to business as usual with these people. They will all go back to not caring about the future of their country and the world beyond their own doorstep. I’m against pandering to conservatives and libertarians. I don’t see any future for nationalism within any kind of liberal framework. The nation will unravel and die of individualism, materialism and selfishness as it has been slowly disintegrating since the end of World War II. Indeed, this crisis proves that there is no future in racist liberalism because a people who can’t even pull together over a common good like stopping a deadly epidemic won’t pull together to do anything else, and certainly not over any of the things which don’t even arouse this amount of anger like our racial and culture decline. Liberalism and ethnonationalism are philosophically incompatible. The former celebrates the individual and his rights and the “virtue of selfishness” and denies the existence of any type of higher common good. The latter holds that the ethnic integrity of the nation is a common good and the highest good of the state and that the rights of the individual must be subordinated to it. The coronavirus has laid bare what a conservatism that lacks any sense of the common good and which celebrates the greed of billionaires over the general welfare of the nation, particularly its weakest members, will ultimately lead to.”

     The widespread embracing of neo-liberalism and rejection of the common good in favour of hedonistic self-maximisation of utility, characterises the modern Western world. It is also a philosophy that will doom it. That is why we are not like South Korea, or even Mongolia, who have sense of national identity and the will to preserve what is left.



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Sunday, 28 May 2023

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