Who Will Win Civil War 2.0? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     John Mark does a summary of a Red Team analysis of how an American civil war will go, using 4th generation concepts. Sure, everyone adds the caveat, from our side, that no one advocates violence etc., we don’t want it, it is all just abstract, theory etc. But, a civil war is inevitable because the non-white demographic revolution has made Donald Trump the last Republican president. Mass immigration, and the demographic changes will make whites truly a dispossessed majority-come minority. Anyway, there goes democracy. And my caveat: I am just reporting on the discussion, advocating nothing. In a nut shell, and I have seen military types say the same, the new government and its legions would lose, despite numbers of grunters. Nukes and high power, high tech destructive weapons (e.g. killer drones) weapons can’t be used because it will destroy all the yummy infrastructure, and cannot differentiate between Red and Blue. So, it goes back to man on man, and sheer numbers don’t count for much over strategy, as theorists as far back as Sun Tzu recognised. Things like Blue states being less food self-sufficient, vulnerable infrastructure etc. matters. And, the video goes into much more. In short, there are simply more grass roots Right-wingers than the system, including police and military, because of private firearm ownership. Even the Dissent right alone would be enough, the video claims, and a sizeable proportion of the police and military will defect.

Of course, none one is advocating violence, and I am certainly not, merely reporting in the public interest, except our opponents, who are actually burning down America and killing, but many believe that it is going to happen at some point. In fact, it is happening already, although one-sided. The answer from the video is not civil war, which will be bloodier than the first one, but separationism, the great divorce. He appeals to the Left to start this process now. Thus, the question is: can this be done without further violence? Many see the collapse and an era of violence as inevitable now, but I still have fleeting hopes that something may be pulled out of the dying embers.



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Sunday, 28 May 2023

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