Why are Feminists So “Happy”? By Mrs Vera West

     Well, feminists should be happy, given that most have good jobs, plenty of food, and a roof over their heads. But, everyone knows that feminists are unhappy, not just professionally:

“One of the most common Googled questions about feminists is "Why are feminists so angry?" According to feminists, the answer to that ranges from denial,  "We're not always angry, we are just tired of being oppressed," to justification for the anger saying it is "a legitimate response to the oppression we’ve been subjected to for millennia." As a woman that believes in equality, just as I believe there are very real differences between men and women, which I celebrate, I call BS on both those answers. The first and second wave of feminism did address real oppression, and laws were changed and women obtained true equality, but the feminist movement, rather than celebrating those milestones, moved into another phase, where modern feminist display hatred, intolerance an disdain for men, calling masculinity "toxic." Modern day feminists still believe they are "oppressed" while at the same time, attempt to "oppress" their male counterparts. Their victimhood mentality of thinking they were automatically being oppressed because they were born with a vagina aside, we also note that modern day feminists spend all their time just looking for something to be angry about, are perpetually outraged and end up generally miserable all the time, while trying to make everyone around them just as miserable.”

     Of course, if it was just a matter of making themselves miserable, it would not be a socially significant movement, but the aim of modern feminism is to destroy traditional society, and replace it with something cooked up in a Marxist lab. This must be constantly called out, as the above article concludes, not just by men crying in pain from being tortured by the system, but by women taking a stand against the feminists.

“The quest for ‘a more perfect union’ in America continues, and I’ll never claim we’re already completely there, though, unlike the America-hating Left, I believe we’ve made tremendous progress and are working towards it every day. But there are issues that need to be fixed, such as unjust incarcerations when they exist; exclusionary bias, either racial or gender, (but my solution is merit not quotas; and an overall leveling of the playing field, meaning to defeat this growing nepotism of the ‘elites’ versus everyone else – which again, is part of why Trump got elected. The solution however, is not more anger, rage and emotion, it’s actually less emotion and more common sense. It’s knowing that we women can be our strong accomplished best while still allowing for men to be theirs, that the one does not diminish the other. Hopefully the tide is turning and like most ‘revolutions’ the raging ‘feminist revolution’ will soon burn itself out and repulse even those who’ve been part of it. It might take a while to get there, because like a street cat fight, they’ll hang on as long as they can. Maybe they’ll see the difference between being an angry endlessly dissatisfied feminist and being a conservative woman, who, save a few, tend to be happy, smiling, funny, etc.- Strong but not abrasive, convicted but not insane – and realize they should just try to relax a little, we women in America are doing just fine.”

     I think that it is a wee bit of false optimism to hope tha5t feminism will just burn out, because it is a movement which serves the globalist agenda well, lowering white birth-rates, destroying the family, and making women into worker-slaves in capitalism, just like men. It is a tough problem, like all the ones we face.



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Monday, 08 August 2022