Why China Now is the Technological Master of All Reality! By James Reed

     Just roll over and die, the West, or better yet, go through another cycle of communism-liberalism-communism …  Meanwhile China is building its heart out, doing things that were once only whispered about, such as making horizontal castles in the sky:

“A megastructure featuring the world's tallest sky bridge has been erected in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing. Designed by the world's most renowned and prolific architects, Moshe Safdie, Raffles City Chongqing complex measures 1.12-million-square-meters and consists of eight towers and a large connecting sky bridge, which is called a "horizontal skyscraper." The 250-meter-long sky bridge - which is basically a horizontal "skyscraper" resting on the to of several traditional skyscrapers - dubbed Crystal, if made vertical, would be the height of the Eif When open, it will have an observatory wing, sky gardens, an infinity pool, and shopping district. At night, the sky bridge transforms into a large light beam, illuminating the sky into a heavenly light show, fel Tower. The sky bridge is composed of 3,000 glass panels and 5,000 aluminum panels. The Raffles City Chongqing complex will feature a 230,000-square-meter shopping mall, 1,400 residential apartments, an upscale hotel, and 160,000 square meters of office space.”

     If we, the last of the Aussies, who done have nothing, or not enough, are really good cucks and chooks, maybe we will luck out in our final days before expiring, and live to see Chinese construction firms building one of these magical buildings in say the  Sydney CBD! But, the name of the city needs to be changed. Maybe the name of this country should be changed. I mean to say, the activists wanting to get rid of Australia Day because it is all so “racist” are really not consistency going far enough; shouldn’t the entire country and everything in it, be subjected to ruthless postmodern politically correct deconstruction, or  … construction by building firms? What better way to deconstruct, than to construct horizontal buildings, as described above?

     Just an idea, and I hope the Chinese will employ me on their design team, but how about putting the entire continent of Australia under concrete, and make one huge building? This could be like a giant bee hive. It would really be something. Sure, there is the environment and all that, but even among the environmentalists, so called, who really cares with all their heart about that? The Greens love mass migration, and making a huge building out of Australia, to take 5,000 trillion people, even if migration is needed from as yet undiscovered extra-terrestrial races in deepest space, would seem to hit the spot in the New World Order scheme of things.
Let her rip, Boris old son:

     Anyhow, have cultural deconstruction will travel!



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Sunday, 05 February 2023

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