Why Trump was Right On Sweden by Peter West

No sooner than I had finished my article on Trump and Sweden, and sent it to the editor via carrier pigeon, did I come across an article by two leading Swedish politicians, saying that Trump was right about Sweden being full of refugee-generated crime: Jimmie Akesson and Mattias Karlsson, “TRUMP IS RIGHT: SWEDEN’S EMBRACE OF REFUGEES ISN’T WORKING”:

People off the street cannot get into the article, but a summary is offered: “The country has accepted 275,000 asylum-seekers, many without passports – leading to riots and crime.”

An article reporting on the article at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4254154/Two-Swedish-politicians-say-Trump-right-crime.html, says that the two right-wing Sweden Democrats said:

“Mr Trump did not exaggerate Sweden’s current problems. If anything, he understated them.”
Moreover, they continued: “Riots and social unrest have become a part of everyday life.
Police officers, firefighters and ambulance personnel are regularly attacked. Serious riots in 2013, involving many suburbs with large immigrant populations, lasted for almost a week.’
Gang violence is booming.
Despite very strict firearms laws, gun violence is five times as common in Sweden, in total, as in the capital cities of our three Nordic neighbors combined.”

The two politicians also wrote that the Jews of Sweden who had once lived in the city of Malmo have fled because of the large immigrant population there:
“Anti-Semitism has risen,”  “Jews in Malmo are threatened, harassed and assaulted in the streets.”

Norwegian author and Huffington Post contributor René Zografos, published an article entitled, “Trump is Absolutely Right About Sweden,” outlining the nation’s “huge problems because of liberal immigration policy.” He said in the now deleted article:

“It’s well known for Scandinavians and other Europeans that liberal immigration comes with drugs, rapes, gang wars, robbery and violence.
Additional to that we see the respective nation’s cultures fading away, for good and for bad.
There was a riot of violence and destruction by immigrants in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.”

The article was deleted: http://www.infowars.com/huffington-post-deletes-article-admitting-trump-right-about-sweden/. While the Huff and Puff Post did not explain its act of political correctness (why publish it in the first place, and then look like a goose, pulling it?), Zografos said it might have been because he stated the truth about European immigration. You can bet on that.

Time for a critical rethink about immigration and multiculturalism by the cultural elite: these (s)words may be a bit too sharp to handle, and you may cut yourselves playing with them.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022