Will it be Monkeypox Vaccine Next? By Brian Simpson

So, there are lockdowns in Belgium now for the plague-infected, and from a conventional public health text book, that is what one does. We have seen it first-hand, and those living in Melbourne know what I mean.  And there is a vax ready to go, left over from the plague years of smallpox, a kissing cousin of monkeypox, but with a much less exotic name, from an era where things were not so hysterical. Today smallpox might be called: AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Anyway, you guessed it, the smallpox vax is said to be 85 percent effective against monkeypox. But, how do they know, for even if experiments were done in the past, still this may well be a new variant, given by Mother Nature in her love of her children, or more likely, spewed out of some bioweapons lab, as part of the great depopulation agenda? The New World Order disease cycle, the present cycle of life, continues.


“Dr Norman Swan has warned how dangerous Monkeypox is and what can be done if you catch the virus, as three cases of the disease are recorded in Australia.

There have been 92 cases of Monkeypox reported globally in 12 countries where the virus is not usually found.

Two cases have been recorded in Victoria and one in NSW after two men returned from Europe with the rare tropical disease.

Dr Swan claims the virus is 'not necessarily mild' especially for 'vulnerable populations' when he spoke on the ABC's RN Breakfast with Patricia Karvelas on Monday morning.

He cited evidence that the virus had emerged from West Africa, has a mortality rate of around 1 per cent, and so far all the confirmed cases are gay and bisexual men.

'It's likely that it came from West Africa, possibly Nigeria,' the ABC's Coronavirus expert stated. 'Somebody travelling, same way as HIV spread almost certainly.'

'Now, once it's in the community, it's spreading with people with no history of travel to West Africa. So it's spreading amongst, at least initially, the gay community.'

Identifiable symptoms of Monkeypox include unusual rashes or lesions appearing on the skin.

Dr Swan explained that infected people would likely discover spots and legions around the genital area and 'the edges' of the body.

He relayed claims from other experts who believe case numbers in Australia will almost certainly rise, but Dr Swan says the Smallpox vaccine can provide protection.

'The good new about this is that you can vaccinate against it. The smallpox vaccine does work to about an 85 per cent effectiveness with Monkeypox.'

Monkeypox has a long incubation period, giving infected people a 'week or two' to reach out to others they've come into contact with, according to Dr Swan.

The renowned physician says some antivirals may also work against the disease.

Breaking down the ways to minimise the spread of Monkeypox, Dr Swan says that contact tracing, like what was used to slow the spread of Coronvirus, would be effective.

'The traditional process of contract tracing, find out people who've come in contact with it, people coming forward and not being embarrassed by this but being prepared to show that they've got it and tell the authorities and limit it in that way.'

Dr Swan stressed to listeners that Monkeypox is not as contagious as Covid and smallpox.

'It's passed on in a respiratory fashion as well as contact with legions,' he said. 'So it may well be controllable through contact tracing.'”






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Thursday, 30 June 2022