Wind Turbine Pollution! Take That Green Saint Greta Thunberg! By James Reed

     I don’t like picking on children, but climate change activist Greta Thunberg is different, since, following her UN rave, she picks on adults. So, let’s go. First, renewables, yes, but even the sacred wind turbines take massive quantities of resources to make, and break down, getting dumped:

“Hundreds of giant windmill blades are being shipped to a landfill in Wyoming to be buried because they simply can’t be recycled. (Article by Adan Salazar republished from Local media reports several wind farms in the state are sending over 900 un-reusable blades to the Casper Regional Landfill to be buried. While nearly 90 percent of old or decommissioned wind turbines, like the motor housing, can be refurbished or at least crushed, fiberglass windmill blades present a problem due to their size and strength. “Our crushing equipment is not big enough to crush them,” a landfill representative told NPR. Prior to burying the cumbersome, sometimes nearly 300-foot long blades, the landfill has to cut them up into smaller pieces onsite and stack them in order to save space during transportation. To make matters worse, the blades aren’t exactly compostable. The Casper Solid Waste Manager tells Wyoming News Now they’ll take hundreds of years to biodegrade. “So Casper happens to be, I think it is, the biggest landfill facility in the state of Wyoming. These blades are really big, and they take up a lot of airspace, and our unlined area is very, very large, and it’s going to last hundreds of years.” As if that’s not bad enough, NPR reports researchers estimate the US will soon have to grapple with over 720,000 tons of blades over the next 20 years, “a figure that doesn’t include newer, taller higher-capacity versions.” So much for saving the environment.”

     Indeed, and in the Greta universe, only the West is at fault, never the largest carbon polluter on the planet, China, because, well … they are not white, are they?

“Greta has been appearing all over the mainstream media, at the United Nations, and even in personal meetings with Barack Obama, having dedicated her life to preaching the Gospel of Global Warming to anyone who will listen. But this Gospel, so-called, apparently only applies to the United States and other Western countries, since Asia and Africa, the world’s biggest polluters, aren’t on her itinerary. You see, only Western, and primarily white, countries need to have climate change doctrines shoved down their throats by children who aren’t even legally allowed to vote, let alone able to understand the scientific intricacies of our planet’s climate patterns. But somehow they’re being propelled, with the financial prodding of people like George Soros, Bill Gates, and Bono, to the forefront of the climate narrative as if they’re experts on the subject. Greta and her cohort of angry climate kids have actually filed a formal complaint with the United Nations contending that not enough is being done, again by the West specifically, to combat climate change. But not a single mention is being made about China, which is by and large the world’s biggest polluter, and thus contributor to climate change.”

     Well, she is from Sweden, so what else could be possible? Even if China was the only nation on Earth, nothing would change in the mind of the Leftoid. Here are some supporting articles on this theme, the first with some background to the kid climate protests, and how it was all set up by globalist organisations:

“The misconception starts earlier. Namely with the assumption that the Fridays for Future movement was created by the young Swede. That’s wrong, the plan is a few years older. While the media hype around Greta Thunberg erupted in 2018, the Plant for the Planet Foundation held a global youth summit three years earlier in Bonn. An outcome of this meeting can be found on the website, where it is called: “At the Global Youth Summit in May 2015 we came up with the idea of a global school strike for climate protection.” It then took three years [to establish] Greta Thunberg as the appropriate spokeswoman, then attributing her the authorship of the idea for the school strikes. Plant-for-the-Planet is a globalist effort to brainwash highly susceptible children and mold them into intolerant activists, not unlike the character portrayed by little Greta Thunberg, method-acting angry at adults for destroying her future. Here’s the backstory on Plant-for-the-Planet. It is “partnered” with the Avina Foundation, the Club of Rome, and the Global Marshall Plan. Avina is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, while the Club of Rome, a cabal of the global elite and corporatists, published The Limits to Growth in 1972.

The report, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, argues in favor of population control and rolling back civilization to save the planet. The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 “during a meeting at Rockefeller’s private house in Bellagio, Italy. The meeting was organized by Aurelio Peccei, an Italian industrialist who had close relations to the Olivetti Corporation and Fiat. He claimed to have solutions for world peace and prosperity, which could be accomplished through a New World Order,” writes Derek Willis. The Club of Rome was established with 75 prominent industrialists, economists and scientists members from 25 nations. The Bilderberg Group and the Club of Rome are the most important foreign policy arms of the Round table, which is led by the Committee of 300… Many of the Club of Rome members were drawn from NATO.” More recently, the organization published The Club of Rome: Climate Emergency Plan, based on dubious climate science produced by the UN’s IPCC. It calls for population reduction and the impoverishment of billions—the organization argues economic growth shouldn’t exceed 1%—an effort led by “governments, business leaders, the science community, NGOs and citizens” to dismantle civilization. The German Marshall Fund is a “transatlantic” organization established in 1972 on the 25th anniversary of the Marshall Plan. It is also pushing hard on the climate change scheme to force draconian measures on the civilized world. Much of Europe has agreed western civilization must be rolled back if the planet is to be saved.”

     Greta has put Brazil and Turkey on her nasty list, but as argued here, cutting carbon emissions in these countries will plunge them back into poverty, endangering thousands:

“But her inclusion of countries like Brazil and Turkey on this list is bizarre and borders on the sadistic — assuming she actually knows about the situation in those places. While some areas of Brazil and Turkey contain some areas that approach first-world conditions, both countries are still characterized by large populations living in the sorts of poverty that European schoolgirls could scarcely comprehend. But thanks to industrialization and economic globalization —  countries can, and do, climb  out of poverty. In recent decades, countries like Turkey, Malaysia, Brazil, Thailand and Mexico — once poverty-stricken third-world countries — are now middle-income countries. Moreover, in these countries most of the population will in coming decades will likely achieve what we considered to be first-world standards of living in the twentieth century. At least, that's what will happen if people like Greta Thunberg don't get their way. The challenge here arises from the fact that for a middle-income or poor country, cheap energy consumption — made possibly overwhelmingly by fossil fuels — is often a proxy for economic growth. After all, if a country wants to get richer, it has to create things of value for other countries. At the lower- and middle- income level, that usually means making things such as vehicles, computers, or other types of machinery. This has certainly been the case in Mexico, Malaysia, and Turkey. But for countries like these, to only economical way to produce these things is by using fossil fuels. Thus, it is not a coincidence that carbon emissions growth and economic growth track together.” Cutting carbon emissions will necessarily lead to a rapid fall in economic growth, since there is no real alternative energy to fossil fuels to power the global economy, and even alternatives such as hydrogen will require energy input from fossil fuels at some point, even just to get the infrastructure off the ground.”

     Thus, Greta resents a child figure head of a new globalist environmental religion, and it is not surprising that already she is being put in line after other undeserving folk like Obama for a Nobel Prize, if that means anything.
There is a celebration of Greta’s UN temper tantrum by a thrash metal band at the next link, and Christian readers need to have a close look at it, as I found it chilling:

     There may be some merits in the proposal made by Brett Stevens over at

“Scratch a Leftist “grassroots activist,” and find hundred million dollar NGOs and thousand dollar an hour image consultants. Everything about the Left is fake. Remember that these are the people who overthrew kings because they were starving, then actually starved because their system could not produce enough food. Perhaps the Left are simply errors in reproduction, and we should send them all to the third world so they can outbreed and fix whatever mutations caused them to become such unrealistic, perverse, dysfunctional, crazy, twisted, and passive-aggressively hateful people. Our ancestors simply called them proles and sent them out to pick turnips. Obviously, anything more complex than that is beyond them.”



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