The Illusion of IQ By Brian Simpson

Hewitt E. Moore has presented a good piece deconstructing the IQ fetish amongst conservatives and the Right. IQ does not feature in the discourse of the Left, except by critique of the Right, since they have their own mythology, as expressed in Critical Race Theory, which is used to legitimise their hegemony, while the Right, largely powerless and dispossessed, rattles on about Bell Curves and the like. I have argued for years, that the theory behind IQ is conceptually flawed, but the deeper problem is that there is no mileage in this concept for conservatives and the Right. IQ is falling across the West now, and it is probable that this will continue, as intelligence itself gets degraded by a multitude of social and chemical pollution factors. It is thus, not a winner to put one’s political strategies all around such as retreating concept.

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The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) Acknowledges that for Healthy Young People, the Risks of the Covid Boosters May Outweigh the Benefits By Mrs Vera West

Rebekah Barnett points out that the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI), regarding the Covid booster, now pushed by the government, that for healthy young people, the risks may outweigh the benefits. “Adolescents and younger adults have a lower age-related risk of severe COVID-19, and a comparatively higher risk of myocarditis following vaccination.” This is quite a concession given that previously the health authorities had pushed the line that the vaccines were “life-saving” and risks were extremely rare. Is it the case, as Shakespeare said, that the truth will out; merchant of Venice Act II, Scene 2?

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Hospital Admissions in New Zealand By Bruce Bennett (former Kiwi)

Data like this is slowly coming out, much like water always seems to find a way to leak through one’s roof. In my former homeland of New Zealand, data from the New Zealand Ministry of Health has revealed a 103 per cent increase in hospitalisations among 12 disease categories measured in 2021 following the mRNA rollout. New Zealand matched Australia in terms of absurd freedom-destroying restrictions, so this was not due to Covid infections, just as the explosion in excess mortality, also seen in New Zealand is not accounted for by Covid. As a great piece from Conservative puts it: “Interventions carrying novel genetic instructions which cross the cell membrane put health and consciousness, body and mind at risk of degradation. Hospitalisation rates have doubled, all-cause deaths are at record levels, and there is an unexplained total disregard on the part of governments.”

The full ramifications of the experimental mRNA gene therapies has yet to be seen.

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Stockholm Syndrome: Sadly, Britons in the Main, Loved the Lockdowns! By Richard Miller (London)

The Stockholm syndrome is where victims, such as in kidnappings, a notable example being Patty Hearst in 1974, come to identify with the kidnappers. Something like this may have happened here in the UK, where, astonishingly, 54 percent of people, thought that the Covid lockdowns were justified and effective and only 27 percent opposed them. This is made even though the published evidence indicates that the lockdowns were ineffective, and had numerous bad economic consequences, in terms of destroying small businesses, and delivering riches to the super-capitalists. Countries without lockdowns, such as Sweden did not experience dire social consequences.


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The Secret Communist Chinese Army Within By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Allowing an open border at the time of gathering war clouds with a terrifyingly powerful adversary, communist China, is either insane, or a deliberate policy of sabotage and surrender. Given the Biden crime family’s connections to the communists, I go for deliberate surrender.  At present young military age Chinese from China are arriving at the border, as “refugees.” Just say you are a refugee and like magic, the social welfare train stops and fills one with a cornucopia of riches, in anticipation of voting Democrat. As detailed by Mike Adams, all indications are that this is a growing communist army which is simply walking into the country, ahead of war, and invasion. Nothing like this happens to communist China which guards it borders as nations with any sense of survival do.

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The Further Claims of Seymour Hersh: The US Certainly Blew Up Nord Stream! By Richard Miller (London)

Leading US journalist made the highly plausible claim a few weeks back that the US blew up the Nord Stream pipelines, because Joe Biden, or those who control him, were not happy with the level of support Germany was delivering. Maybe so, but his previous explanation, that cutting off of Germany from the Russian supply of energy, seems to be more important, since, unlike the support hypothesis, restricting energy has real teeth and has pulled Germany back into the line defined by the US. Biden warned during a press conference on February 7 that “if Russia invades… there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.” It is hard to think of a more revealing statement, one which promises what they will do, and did in fact do.

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The Conceptual Cancer of Postmodernism By James Reed

Postmodernism, the idea that Western objectivist thought, as embodied in science, is flawed because of conceptual relativism (there is no objective truth; truth is relative to social position), has engulfed the modern university, and this pseudo-philosophy has seeped to the outside world, much like toxic chemicals escape into the environment, causing havoc. This occurred with the Leftist doctrines that were pushed in the 1960s cultural revolution such as feminism, homosexualism, and open borders immigration, and look at where we are now. Of course, after these initial victories, the movement gained even more strength, and now dominates the Arts and social sciences. This has had a direct impact upon schools, especially with multiculturalism already acting to undermine the previous conservative culture. It is safe to say that cultural Marxism has emerged as the new ideology of the chattering class. The long march through the institutions is now complete.

That is the main reason why I advocate closing down the universities and completely rethinking education to cull out wokeness. Either that or continuous attacks until cultural collapse is complete.

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To Fight Climate Change (“Constipation”) … Laxatives to the “Rescue”! By James Reed

At first, I thought that this was false news, as the story has the trimmings of it. A Canadian minerals company, Planetary Technologies, plans to dump tonnes of magnesium hydroxide into St Ives Bay, the idea being that the laxative mineral will increase ocean alkalinity, and remove dreaded carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It is yet another example of geoengineering, being considered by a private corporation, with the absurd twist that the chemical being used, Milk of Magnesia, is a well-know laxative. The question, as always, is what kick-on effects will this have on the marine environment? Will it give the oceans a big case of “the runs”? As I read the story, the scientific background work has not yet been done. And, even if it does work, the acidity of the ocean is likely to soon increase anyway given industrial outputs, so it is really just … peeing in the ocean! Never mind whether climate change is a reality of not.


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Secret Government Documents Confirm Covid-19 Vaccine Roll-out Caused Excess Deaths in Australia to Increase by 5,162% By Brian Simpson, has a scoop story where they uncovered that secret data had been passed by the Australian government to the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), indicating that for the first 38 weeks of the year 2021 there was a 1,452 percent increase in excess deaths following the rollout of the Covid-19 injections relative to the same period in 2020. However, by 2022 there was a 5,162 percent increase in excess deaths in the first 38 weeks of the year following the repeated rollout of the Covid-19 injections, relative to the first 38 weeks of 2020.

Australia had 11,068 excess deaths in 2021 and then 22,730 excess deaths by week 38 of 2022, by contrast to 2020, when only 1,306 excess deaths were recorded during the alleged height of the Covid pandemic and prior to the rollout of the Covid injections.

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Covid-19 Vaccines: An Australian Review By Brian Simpson

Steve Kirsch gives a neat summary of an academic paper, C. Turni and A. Lefringhausen, “Covid-19 Vaccines – An Australian Review,” Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology, vol. 7 (3), 2022, pp. 491-508. This is an important publication, as the authors argue that the mRNA vaccine causes more Covid cases per million and more non-Covid deaths per million than are associated with the Covid infection itself. It is concluded tht the Covid mRNA vaccines are not safe and effective, but dangerous. The paper has technicalities, but that is the take home message for us. The Covid vaccines have more side effects than any other vaccine, as documented by 1011 published case studies. Significantly: “the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the medicine and therapeutic regulatory agency of the Australian Government, states quite clearly on their website that the large-scale trials are still progressing and no full data package has been received from any company.”

That alone should be reason to pause and exercise caution.

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The Case for the Prosecution of Dr Fauci By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Dissent Right journalist, Ben Bartee, has assembled a good brief for the indictment of Covid king, Dr Fauci, for both the negligent homicide via illicit gain of function research he funded at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, as well as his general involvement in promoting the Covid vax. The fact is that the vaxxes have resulted in numerous deaths. The case for the number of deaths being extremely large, is the core argument of the anti-vax movement, but few deny that deaths have occurred. Even one death is significant.


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Communist China’s Genocide of the Uyghurs, and Our Voice Referendum By James Reed

What does communist China get up to in its down time, when not preparing to invade Taiwan, and engage in world conquest? Well, there is no down time at all; it is at it 24/7. Still, Muslim Uyghurs and members of other ethnic and religious minority groups in Xinjiang, have been subjected to genocide according to the US State Department 2022 human rights report. This is a bit odd, because US is a major violator of human rights, with the Biden regime violating the human rights of the J6 protesters. Still, the State Department is not the only entity which has said this, and Uyghur groups in the West have had protests, observed by the many communist spies here about the same issue.


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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Links Flat-Earthers and Anti-Vaxxers By Brian Simpson

Perhaps the rumours are true, that Justin Trudeau, whose mother often visited commo Cuban Castro, is Castro's son. He certainly is his ideological son. The latest bit of tyranny to come from him is pro-vax propaganda, where Trudeau compared anti-vaxxers to flat Earthers.

Now, there are responses that can be made to this. In certain frames of reference, the earth can be regarded as “flat” for limited purposes, over small areas, and we do it all the time. There are also debates about the exact mathematical/topological (mathematics of spaces that are invariant under continuous deformation) meaning of “flat” as well, so it is not an absurdity to debate this. Of course, the idea that the world is a disc is refuted, but the shape of the Earth is far from “round,” it is geometrically complex, much like coastlines, which if one measured the very small twists and curves have a potentially infinite length:

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Leftist President of Mexico Defends Trump! Go Figure! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Here is an indication of how far the “let’s get Trump’ thing has gone. Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), a strong Leftist, has defended Donald Trump, saying that the prosecution is just to stop Trump from re-election, obviously enough. AMLO also sad tht the 2020 US election was ridled with fraud; he himself in 2006 had been ahead in the polls, but counting stoped late at night, and when it resumed the other candidate was way ahead. It was a pause for electoral corruption. As for why AMLO might be supporting Trump ahead of a possible arrest, the Mexican leader alluded to criminal accusations he has faced himself. In 2022, a veteran Mexican politician and an investigative journalist said López Obrador and his government had links to organized crime, which the president has fervently denied.

López Obrador, who became president in 2018, has said election fraud caused him to lose his attempts to gain the office in 2006 and 2012.

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Arab Street Signs: Diversity Demands It! By Richard Miller (London)

Much ado has been made about the apparently first street sign in Arabic to go up in Germany. But, really, we have seen this sort of thing across the multicult mass immigration West, with Spanish street signs in the American south, and Asian language street signs wherever their enclaves are. Indeed, the West has delighted for decades in building little ethnic enclaves, so long as they are non-white. So, street signs are really the last of the problems.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion … Not if You Are White in the Great Historical Payback! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Here is yet another story from the “naked city” dealing with the anti-whiteism of the diversity cult, which now has the West in a death grip. Charles Negy, a University of Central Florida (UCF) professor was fired after speaking out against the notion of systemic racism and White privilege He has said: "This notion of diversity, equity and inclusion, it’s a lot to unpack. It's not the nice sounding things that the words sound like. Diversity is pretty much anti-White and secondarily anti-Asian. Equity, of course, is showing favoritism for some racial groups at the expense of other racial groups, which is illegal, unconstitutional and immoral. And inclusion. Wow. Did I feel included because they didn't like my views? So, it seems like there are certain groups that are not included in inclusion.”

I am sorry that the professor lost his job, but really in the present culture it is absurd to think that a white person who dares the question the regime will not face the coals of Leftist hell. All of the universities are neck deep in it.

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Don’t Crash that Electric Car, Eugene! By James Reed

Those who followed the band Pink Floyd, back in the day, will recognise the allusion in the title, but no matter. Just don’t crash your electric car, or else, the whole thing will have to be junked because of the battery, which is supposed to save us from climate change. Yes, the battery which is produced at an enormous environmental cost, so that middle class wokeoids, mostly white, can feel morally superior. Environmentally sustainable? Sure, and pigs can drive EVs too, maybe even fly them.

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Dodging a Cosmic Bullet By Brian Simpson

It has been a concern by those who take science seriously, that there are cosmic events, such as mass ejections of radiation from the sun from solar storms, that could fry the techno-industrial society instantly and lead within weeks to the death of up to 90 percent of the population, according to US government, and CIA estimate, according to the late Dr Peter Pry, Executive Director, Task Force on National and Homeland Security.  A Carrington Event like this occurred in 1859, and set telegraph lines on fire.

It just so happened that the Earth narrowly missed another solar eruption on March 12, 2023, that would have ended the world as we know it. This was mentioned by NASA, but here is the only reference I have found in the conservative press about it, from the American If mainstream society goes off line there is the potential of 450 nuclear reactors going into meltdown after backup diesel runs out and this is far worse than nuclear bombs going off; each one is a Chernobyl.

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Get Ready for the Communist China New World Order! By James Reed

It is happening quickly as the New World Order, of a Western New World Order, along the lines of 1984 and an Eastern New World Order, are getting set.  China's President Xi Jinping had a two-day visit with President Vladimir Putin. The key note of issue was this ending conversation: “Xi Jinping: "Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years and we are driving this change together."

Putin: "I agree." This was not idle words as Russia, now removed from Western financial networks and the U.S. dollar, has embraced the Chinese yuan with a passion. Energy exports are now mainly paid in yuan, and soon everything will be.

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Things Fall Apart; The Centre Cannot Hold By Chris Knight (Florida)

Here is yet another issue to deal with. As civilisations begin to collapse, things that once worked, do not, or work less efficiently, before falling apart. While there is a conspiracy angle to the US train collapses, and the burning down of food depots and chemical plants, even if there was no grand plan, it still shows systematic breakdown. But, as noted below at Gatestone, this decline in quality, which in more colourful language they call “cr*pification,” is occurring in all our institutions, such as the universities. IQ is falling, rapidly, as are birth rates, and sperm quality and quantity.

The important thing to note here with this problem overload, cannot be mere accidents of history that are just happening. What would be the probability of that? No, by logical elimination, the process used by Sherlock Holmes, there must be intentional action, and the only real suspects are those with the power to bring on this collapse, the globalist elites; after all there is no attempt now at covering things up. The same thing is happening now as the planned collapse of the economy, to bring on a crash that will necessitate Central Bank Digital Currencies, charges ahead at history-making speed. We have the most difficult fight that the human race has ever faced, worse than facing saber-tooth tigers with a spear.  

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